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Maids, domestic helpers or pembantu they are known in Indonesian can hold their mops proudly aloft with their illustrious forebears.  The majority of western expatriates, however, come from cultures in which generally only the wealthiest citizens can afford such luxuries. Maids can present something of an ethical quandary in other words.

Housing Type
It is first important to consider what housing type you will be in to determine how many staff you will need. If you live in an apartment, one staff member may be enough; however if you have one of the many mansions sprawled around the city, it is best to employ more people. Note that it is normal to have a nanny, a cook, a cleaner, a gardener, a driver, and a security guard.

Interview technique
Remember that not everyone interviews well. The real test is when they start working. Always use your instincts when meeting the person, as this person should be making your life easier, not more difficult!

1. Ask about their previous employment. How long did they work at their last employment? What was their reason for resigning?

2. Have they worked with children before and how old were they? Have they done a first aid course? Did they administer medication? Did they take children to activities? What did they organise to keep kids entertained?

3. How much was their last salary? What did this include? Food, bonuses, and inclusions like toiletries? What hours did they work? What were their responsibilities? When did they have their day off?

4.Did they live in or live out?

5. Are they ok with dogs? (Many Muslims will not work in a household with dogs for religious reasons, however those used to working with expats usually do not have a problem being around dogs).

6. Can they cook? Ask them to specify what meals they are able to cook and also if they have taken any cooking classes/courses.
7. If you are interviewing a driver, ask to see their license. What car are they used to driving? Which areas are they familiar with? Be sure to take them on a test drive.

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